Scandinavian fashion today! Our fashion editors sum up fashion week.

Words by: Ebba Sandberg Callenberg

I have felt incredibly proud during this week. The collections have shaped Scandinavian minimalism, but also Scandinavian democratic, modern values, which have created space for new creative spaces not only expressed through new talents, but also widely demonstrated by established major brands. Non-models in all shapes have walked the runway.


Johannes Adele / K-ourage
Society is getting more and more challenged and this is evident in the Swedish fashion sphere. We have never bought as much clothes as now, but we use records a bit so that durability, quality and ”basic garments” dominate collections are a reflection of today’s society, by the most influential designers.


Naim Josefi / Emelie Janrell

27153112_1584897691558655_1573219495_n  The future seems bright! This is also something that Meiyo loves to focuses on, What I think has proved to be innovative is that the woman no longer dresses for the man, the Me-too movement has got the ” invisible elephant ” to wear the clothes.

Matilda Ivarsson

New House / K-ourage

The courage has become more accessible to the all-day, everyday man in the form that the artistic expression of fashion has become accessible to all, which has always given rise to Swedish fashion, but now the art is more moving and generous.

27294340_1584897738225317_724842922_nAmanda Borgfors Mészàros

Symbolism is signaled by allowing objects to speak for each of themselves. Although I like to see more extravagant outgoing collections and have a little hard for minimalism, I have gained an understanding of the Swedish woman for the week with it’s even, controlling and minimalistic lines on the basics.


House of Dagmar







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27045299_1584897811558643_503748369_nFilippa K

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