Lygia Pape – Ttéia 1, C

Photo: Paula Papepape-lygia_tteia1c_1_2003-2012_f_paula-pape_1500x1009-980x659


Lygia Pape – Ttéia 1, C
Gold threads are beautifuly tensioned in geometric shapes between floor and ceiling.
The title Ttéia 1, C is a Portuguese wordplay with teia (net) and teteia (a human or thing that is beautiful). The work is linked to Papes’s long-standing interest in releasing the artwork from a static form.
Papes artwork with rectangular wire installations began already in 1978 and have taken many expressions since then.
“To me, art is a way to get to know the world … to see how the world is made … to create knowledge of the world.”


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