Jessica De La Torre – A Makeup Artists Artwork.

Jessica De La Torre

A young makeup artist with a master in fine art. from Mexico, now based in Sweden, more known for her many editorials, art directions and collaborations with photographers.

We stumbled across her unpublished artwork and got some comments about her art and what her inspiration are coming from

“Inspiration usually comes from a face that catches my attention.
Sometimes it’s someone’s moment or a whole look with styling.”

“I need music to be able to sit and paint for so many hours. A song can also make me inspired.”

“My style is my own way of saying no to society’s perfection, so I choose to enlarge a nose, ears, lips or something that humans already have. Whilst it is for me to have free hands without following too much technical rules. I just paint and try to content myself with the result.”Blue Ears by Jessica de la TorreDAANBACH_JosefineSvenningsen-e1457350633551

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