Meet Paris Based Fashion Student Amanda Sandberg

Amanda Sandberg is studying at Esmod International fashion institute in Paris, We had a brief email conversation with her to hear what the future hold for this young artist.

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Interview by: Ebba Sandberg Callenberg

What inspires you?
I just went to see the Margiela exhibition at the Palais Galliera in
Paris.Artists like that, who wants to completely turn the world upside
down, inspires me.

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I see fashion as a way of telling stories. I get inspired by the
thought of going deep down into the mind, the unreachable, finding hidden feelings and emotions and turning them into an visual object. The way Tim Walker makes fashion photography like no other, or Alessandro Michele, for Gucci, makes us all want to wear our own heads. I’m inspired by surrealism in reality.

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How would you describe your style?

A few days ago, I went out shopping alone. I was wearing a pink ruffle top and blue pants with red and white stripes on the side. On top, I was wearing a red and gold jacket (that my Chinese classmate always would call me a Chinese bride when I was wearing it). I topped the whole look of with a bright, yellow fanny pack, from Kenzo, and a leather barrette on my head. I was walking around Gallerie Lafayette here in Paris, when a very British lady approached me with the only intention of telling me how much she appreciated to see ‘fabulous, quirky fashion statements, like what I was wearing’. Those were her exact words. So from now and on, that’s how I describe my style: as a fabulous, quirky fashion statement.

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How do you feel empowered as an artist? 

When I am creating a concept I have the power to choose that there are no rules, no stereotypes, no genders or power play. I have the power to change the way we look at fashion and how we wear it.

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How have social media influenced you and your work? 

Instagram, for example, is a huge source of inspiration for me. I am constantly saving things I like, I keep a data bank of “creativeness” that I can later scroll through. It is amazing how many interesting minds there are out there. And this is a way for me to come in contact with artist that i probably never would have heard about otherwise. social media makes room for the small artists. Other people sharing art gives me the strength to do that as well. I hope that some day, people will start to feel the same way about me.



Whats your dream for the future? 

I will have my own fashion house and I will keep saying that until it comes true.

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What is your thoughts on sustainable fashion? / Do you have an approach to sustainability?

The ugly truth is that the fashion industry is a major contributor to a lot of huge problems in the world. So, for the people who wants to do fashion as a life style, the impact on the world should influence every decision that is being made. The influence youngsters have on todays fashion industry. The young kids of today with the will of “wanting more” creates a power shift in the society, and by not settling for less we are forcing the industries to change.

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