Alok’s European Tour

Alok Vaid-Menon a gender non-conforming performance artist, LGBTQ Activist and writer. The youngest winner of the prestigious Live Works Performance Act Award. Last year Alok published FEMME IN PUBLIC a poetry chapbook. Now on a European tour we caught up with Alok and had a smashing photo shoot!

Alok’s Website:

Photographer: Magnus Swärd

Makeup Artist: Emelie Wood Olsson

Stylist: Sarah A Ismail

Special Thank’s to REDWOLF STUDIOMeiyo-3970123Couture by Naim Josefi, Earring: SÄGEN  Boots: Private. Rings: Miss Tunica


Earring: IOAKU, Neckless: FiliNi Collection, Top: Pulz

Meiyo-3970299Couture by Naim Josefi, Earrings: LIGA Design

Meiyo-3970393One piece: Colmar, Earrings: IOAKU Boots: Private

Meiyo-3970133.jpgCouture by Naim Josefi, Earring: SÄGEN  Boots: Private

If you can not wait to read something from Alok, visit Alok’s blog here!

Meiyo-3970331Couture from Naim Josefi Sunglasses: Oscar Magnusson Earrings: LIGA Design



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