Saks Potts closing show at Copenhagen Fashion week

Text: Rosa Cruz.


Attending the closing show of Copenhagen fashion week could make me sound like an old member of the fashion tribe but that’s in fact what I am not. It being my first show, and also the last of the spectacular week.

Whilst standing outside waiting for the doors to open before the show, the outfits of the guests were almost as mesmerizing as the collection. Which was interesting to see in the case of how the fashion crowd in Scandinavia dressed up for the fashion weeks last show – more correctly, for Saks Potts. An untypical trait

Furthermore, after waiting one full hour we were invited to come in and get a Saks Potts flag. With the intention of it being given perhaps to support and rally for the tenth anniversary collection that the duo Barbara Potts and Catherine Saks but then again when the intro of the show took off another message was clear.

Saks Potts_030

Girls of different ethnicities and background all dressed up in ballerina-skater dresses dancing in synchronisation to the sound of what seemed to sound as eastern european music. Succeeded to mesmerize all of the spectators.  And to think the dancing was not only the start, but the beginning of a hidden message which demanded the publics interaction with waving and feeling celebratory, hence the given flags.

What became apparent as the first model named Olympia (a royalty) walked down the isle. Was that it connected to the cold, the ice and the snow but together with waving flags and royalty somehow demonstrated -nationalism. Despite it being a spring collection we saw boasty jackets in different colors and prints with shiny materials. Which also triggered thoughts of the Olympic games, making me realise that perhaps for their anniversary, the duo wanted to present their new collection with a political comment.


It is no secret that this year North and South Korea made peace with their past and decided to opt for a joint celebration during the games. Alas, this could have been not only a demonstration by letting ballerinas and models from different backgrounds dress in ostentatious wintery outerwear , but a cry for more inclusivity in a world where Trumps thrive and Kofi Annan’s dead. The colors and the glittery outfit a la Britney Spears reminisced of the 90’s and showed that the trend that has been on topic these past few seasons was holding on. But also the notorious furry staple coats from the duo stayed strong and was updated in material and colors , somehow subversively demonstrating their stability not only as a duo, but a as a brand. Conveying their true DNA.

The show ended with Barbara Potts and Catherine Saks running out with all of their girls behind them, just like all designers end shows. But this run-out felt different, as their friendship and unionship in this brand could be felt in the energy of the flags waving at them and the rooting voices that came to see their art, crafts and love!

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