London Based Photographer Mukesh Mistry

– How did you first get interested in photography?  

My interest came at a very late stage in my life. It was from a University trip to New York where other students from different art/design course were together. I had a really old camcorder and cassette tapes with me, but one of my friends had a old dslr which I became fascinated with as we explored NYC like young 18 years old kids do.

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– What are the influences in your work? 

Influence’s in my work have always come from different things. It could be a piece of artwork, the view out the car window, a song, the lyrics in the song. I would say most my influences comes from love of art and artists from a young age and music of course.


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– Do you always have a purpose, an idea or a project in mind when you shoot? 

Yes, usually I have some sort of idea where I want the photo to go. I think as far as how the photo comes out, the view may change a little bit but the concept and or meaning behind the shot itself will always be the same outcome.



– What do you look for when you take a picture? 

Usually clarity and framing is two key things.

– What are your goals? 

Worldwide recognition. No matter where people are in their life or in the world, to be able to reach them and share love for fashion and music through my work is an amazing achievement.




– What are you currently working on? 

Currently working on shooting with some music artists out of the UK. But I cant say too much right now ha.



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