The Lesbian Strip Club – The Vagina Consultancy – We Have Met The Founder!

Interviewed and styled by: Ebba Sandberg Callenberg & Adam Olsson.

Creative Director: Magnus Swärd

Hair & Makeup: Emelie Wood Olsson

Photo: Emma Grann

The Vagina Consultancy was founded in 2017 and has since then been (and is still) under development. It was essentially created to be a home to the queer strip club “Valeria” but it’s constantly being pushed further and taking on more ground. Vagina consultancy will probably stay a WIP.doc for a long time. Aesthetically and concept-wise Vagina Consultancy focuses on sci-fi, surrealist, dystopian and alternate realities.

The club concept VALERIA grew out of the need to focus more on femme aesthetics in the lesbian community.

Valeria is, in it’s core, a strip club which means SEX (yes in caps, and no it’s not a sex/fetish club), and in this case sex for someone who isn’t a cis-dude, but rather exploring what you can be attracted to and aroused by as a lesbian or queer person.

We interviewed, styled and photographed the founder – Sara Boljak


Dress: Wilhja

You are running a lesbian stripper club in Stockholm, how has the lesbian strip club developed? What are your goals for the club?

– Yes, well I still feel awkward when people mention that I run a strip club. It’s not that I’m ashamed of it, rather that I feel strange about the fact that I’m running anything at all. It was just an idea I had last year, that grew out of my frustration with the club scene in Stockholm. My friend Pablo (this is Sweden) heard me out and just said “do it” and I did. It was really a small thing to begin with and I’ve struggled with finding the right venue for a long time. The goal is honestly so many things… first of all I want to work with people who inspire me — without making a bunch of compromises (politically and/or emotionally). Second I need and want to create an environment, just for one night, that is completely devoid of the male normative masculine gaze. Third, I want lesbians, women, non binaries and trans to explore sex and sexuality in a place where they feel welcomed and wanted to the point where it’s like coming home.


Necklace: SÄGEN, Dress: Wilhja, Coat: Vintage

What does it take to think differently?

– God knows. One of the things that helps me think differently (whatever that means) is to properly embrace the moments that make me uncomfortable. Allow people to criticise my work and views, but not me personally. I think that’s an important distinction, that can sometimes be difficult to figure out.


Dress: Wilhja

What inspires you?

– I’ve answered this question before, and it’s still me. I inspire myself. I will always be made up of many different people. I am basically a million untold stories (that aren’t necessarily my own but from people like me) and that inspires me. To search for what I have in common with others, and what is different.

We live in an interesting time. Since the sexual revolution of the 1960’s, we have moved from a culture that requires us to keep sexuality hidden to one who demands us to speak loudly and open about sexual liberation. How would you describe our generation take on sexuality?

– Messy. Honestly. Confused because of how accessible and widespread the normative ideas on sexuality have been (because of the internet) but also strong, personalised and empowered, for the same reasons.


Dress: Wilhja

What is your best fashion advice?

– I can’t believe I’m answering this question. But “all black” is a uniform not a style. Uniforms are sexy, yes, but when doing fashion BE fashion and fuck shit up. Best regards your activist hardcore grandma.


Necklace: SÄGEN, Dress: Wilhja, Coat: Vintage

How would you describe your style?

– Corporate Sailor Uranus on drugs in the badlands?

Is activism mirrored in your expression of fashion?

–  You tell me.


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