Night Crawlers – Lindsay Ryklief

– Can you please tell us shortly about Night Crawlers? 

Nightcrawlers is a depiction of Seoul underground club culture and night life in general. It documents moments forgotten and then relived through the photograph. It explores “what we do at night” kinda like a national geographic special on humans at night.  It’s unfiltered, unposed and unstructured.
Skärmavbild 2018-11-02 kl. 08.00.23
-How did Night Crawlers come to life?
It came so natural to me because, I’m a Dj in Seoul i spend most of my time in clubs or events related to music and fashion, i wanted to share my experience with rest of the world. I wanted to explore the coolness of Seoul, and what its like to live here. I wanted to share what its like to be young in Seoul, not myself but the Korean youth.
Skärmavbild 2018-11-02 kl. 08.00.38
– Is there something that makes you uncomfortable taking a picture?
not really.
– Do you have any boundaries?  
– my boundaries depend on the people I shoot.
– What are you currently working on?   


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