Get To Know The Artist Jennifer Belobi

22 year young, London Based Jennifer Belobi.

A 2D animator and illustrator that explores as much as possible and love kdramas.

How did you first get interested in animation/illustration? 

“Well I’m the trope of the quintessential artist, I loved drawing and colouring books as a kid. My parents would get me the bible-sized copies of colouring books and I’d get through them always making sure to colour in the lines [laughs].

Then when I was 15 my secondary school art teacher told me that a piece of work I’d done was good, she made me stand in front of the class and used my work as an example of exceptional work. I’d never felt that validated before, I decided to take Art GCSE because of that incident, unfortunately that Art teacher left the following year but from that point that I started to pursue art seriously. I had no idea at the time that anybody would pay me to do it! I just wanted to get really good at making art.

When I was 17, I watched “The Making of Toy Story” and my mind was blown. I’d never outgrown cartoons, but for some reason I’d never looked into how they were actually made. Watching that video changed my life, I started aggressively pursuing a career in Animation.”

What are the influences in your work?

“There are so many it would be difficult to list them all but I adore the works of Mœbius and James Jean the line work and colour choices are always breathtaking. Manga artists like Junji Ito and Katsuhiro Otomo have also been major influences in my work and when I’m stuck on how to draw something they’re almost always the first artists I go to. When it comes to telling compelling stories through animation I go to directors like Satoshi Kon , Michaël Dudok de Wit and Studio Ghibli films in general. Another great source of inspiration is looking through the graduate short films of Animation students. “

How did you start your career?

“Sending emails to the studios and artists that I loved. I was honest, told them how much I admired them and that I would love the opportunity to work with them. Building up a rapport with the people I wanted to work with is what helped me land my first gig.

I got an animation internship at a studio in London whilst in my final year of university. That internship was invaluable to me, I learnt so much from the animators there and it gave me a portfolio work that wasn’t just student work and  self motivated projects. It gave me the confidence I needed to apply for entry level positions at other studios. “

What are your goals?

“My goal at present is to learn as much as I can about animating, storytelling and illustrating. I really just want to figure out what kind of content I want to create, so my goal is to experiment as much as possible.

I also want to get a Master’s at my dream school Gobelins, L’École de l’image. It’s been one of my main aspirations since I knew that I wanted to make a career out of animating.”

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What do you do in your spare time? 

“I live quite a sedentary life if I’m honest. When I’m not at work looking at a screen, I’m at home looking at a screen [laugh]. I love kdramas and anime so I spend a lot of time watching those, and of course Netflix. I’m working my way through ‘ Rupaul’s Drag Race’ in reverse chronological order. I also love to read and play videogames, though I’m not very good at them. Embroidery is another hobby of mine, I find it really relaxing, because I’m not allowed to think about anything except the task I’m doing, otherwise I’ll prick myself or ruin the design. It’s nice. I recommend it to everyone. You can also make really cool art with embroidery. Something I hope to do more of in the future.”

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