Collective Swallow SS19


Collective Swallow is a fashion collective dedicated to gastronomic fashion, taking edibles a step forward by basing their designs on the visual and sensory experience of food.

The designers behind the brand Anaïs Marti and Ugo Pecoraio, operating from Basel and Berlin, with the unifying belief that fashion should not be ruled by gender or seasons.

For Collection 04, Collective Swallow did take a trip down memory lane. They went back to their childhood, back to the midst of Switzerland, where on sundays people take a stroll in the woods and afterwards sit down on the terrace of the local tavern to enjoy a coupe. Coupe is an assemblage of different ice cream scoops, decorated with fruits or chocolate topping, depending on your choice. There are a few classics like Coupe Dänemark or Banana Split, which have to be done in a certain way, but also every tavern has their own speciality coupe.


Collective Swallow took their inspiration from the different shapes and decorations of the coupes, but also from the mood they remember from those sundays on the terrace. With this collection Collective Swallow captured the specific atmosphere in one of those typically swiss taverns. They converted small details like the crochet placemats or the plastic tablecloth into their clothes. The codes from functional wear, which is very popular in Switzerland and very common among those eating a coupe are assimilated into the designs. The Prints were created inspired by the striped canvas blinds and mixed with melted- ice-cream-like-color smears, which were created with marble technique.








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