Daisy May Collingridge – Designing And Creating A 3D Costume

Born and raised in Greater London since 1990, Daisy is an artist with an education in design and driven by craft.

Since graduating from Central St Martins with a degree in fashion design, her practice has continued to revolve around textiles and fabric manipulation but has developed into the realms of sculpture and performance.


How does your work process look like?

My process usually starts from experimenting with my large collection of fabric that I hoard away. Fabric is an exciting medium as it can take on so many roles depending on how you manipulate it. It’s an entertaining challenge to create large sculptural pieces using very basic techniques. The stitch used is a simple running stitch, but it’s the sculptural qualities of layering wadding and stretching jersey that creates these smooth round forms. There is always elements of pattern cutting that are thrown into the mix. It’s a satisfying process to draw things in 2D and then see them in all their 3D glory. Colour is an important aspect too. I love dyeing. I go back to my parents house to dye in their big kitchen sink.

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