Mandy Wu – “I found it really beautiful that the camera can capture moments and make people time travel to the past. “

Meiyo Magazine presents Photographer Mandy Wu

I’m a photographer originally from Taiwan. I work mainly with images to express my ideas. My work ranges from portraits, to fine art to still life and to travel.

After completing my MA in Photography and Visual Design in Milan, I moved to Yangon for work and then back home to Taiwan. I just recently moved to Melbourne and am planning to stay here for a while.



How did you first get interested in photography?  

My dad bought me my first camera during my first year of uni. It began as a really fun experiment for me because I could just take pictures of the things I found fascinating. After that I started using camera as a means to capture moments in my everyday life. I found it really beautiful that the camera can capture moments and make people time travel to the past.



What are the influences in your work? 

My philosophy of life, reflection of the past events, love. Poems, movies and music.



Tell us about your project “California” 

” California ” is a project I did during my travel to the states for the first time. I remember before going there, I had all those imagination of how the west coast should be from the influences of all the American movies I had watched in the past. I was most of the time on the bus for getting to different places since I was traveling alone. I took those pictures from the bus window and I think those pictures are somehow like the validation to myself of my past fantasy of the place.



What goes through your mind when you are creating a picture?  

What would this picture make me feel in the future when I look at it. What are the feelings it’s going to intrigue in me and in others. 


Ongoing soulmate


What does your work process look like?

Usually before starting a project, I would find a song, write a short story, and find my desired colors of the shooting, and then choose the location. If the project is a portrait series, I’d find the models that suit the story. It’s kind of like casting! During the shooting, I’d play the music and also ask the models to think himself/herself in the scenario to get the feelings I want.



What are you currently working on?

Currently there are several projects I’m working on, one is the fruit/veggie project in which I take pictures of people with their favorite fruits/ veggies. I wanted to start it because I’m vegetarian and I feel like it’d be great to feature fruits and veggies in my photographs. Also through the project I can bring more attention to them hopefully. It’s also fun since it’s quite challenging as I never know what fruit/veggie people are going to choose.

Another one is called “Soulmate”, in which I interview people and ask them if they believe in soulmate and if they do, what is it, etc. Through the exploration of the topic, It also helps me to understand better about my perception of love and be more open-minded.



What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love films so most of my spare time I watch a lot of them. Sometimes I can find some inspiration for my projects from them. I also love music, especially ambient sounds. The sound also brings me more inspiration for my creative process.  Otherwise I love the nature and love stars and meditation.

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