Robin Berglund – ” I would almost describe myself sometimes kind of (exaggerated diagnoses) paranoid, schizophrenic and/or agoraphobic”

Meiyo Magazine presents Robin Berglund, A young mind aiming high with a different take on fashion photography.



How did it all start, why photography?

When I was a kid, my very first day in school, my teacher Ms Rigmor told us to introduce ourselves and tell a short story about our big dreams, preferably also why. My friends Andreas wanted to be a police officer, Thomas wanted to be a rock star and Eva wanted to become a nurse. The question finally fell on me as I wiggled my loose front tooth nervously. ‘’My name is Robin Berglund. I like to draw Pokémon-figures and want to be an Indian when I grow up. Because then I get to shoot with a bow and arrow!’’

When I visited Disney World for the first time the Indian chief told me they don’t employ Indians anymore, so I had to come up with a new plan.


Do you have any boundaries?

In photography, no, I wouldn’t really say any boundaries. I know what I want and will not stop until I feel like I have the picture.

On a personal level, I would almost describe myself sometimes kind of (exaggerated diagnoses) paranoid, schizophrenic and/or agoraphobic (…is an anxiety disorder characterised by symptoms of anxiety in situations where the person perceives their environment to be unsafe with no easy way to escape…), most due to bullying in high-school and people whispering stuff behind my back as I went past them in the school corridors, loud enough for me to hear. I was called ugly and fat a lot as I were a kid which has taken it’s toll on me to this very day unfortunately. But I’m still glad it happened to me, in a way, it made me who I am today and makes me appreciate different kinds of beauty – and most of all, to be nice to everyone you meet.



What are the influences in your work?

There’s always been something I’ve been longing to, or towards, but still haven’t been able to wrap my head around what it is that I’m seeking so deeply. It’s almost like some kind of grief which works as a big source of inspiration for me.

It’s almost like method acting, I make sure I’m feeling a bit cold then step into my Bubble of Sadness when I prepare for a shoot or retouch. But while on set it’s the opposite, I try to make sure everyone is feeling warm, full of energy and just, you know, happy. That is very important for me.



What do you like to do in your spare time?

I rarely have any spare time nowadays since it feels like I work around the clock, which is why I am writing this to you at 03:07…. So excuse my typos.

It’s weird but I don’t really see I need any spare time either, I’m just so so very very very happy that I’m lucky enough to have my biggest hobby as my work.

BUT, I love to just shut off everything sometimes and sink into the world of video games. Girlfriend approves.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

To find a sitter for the dog every time I’m going away.


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