Backstage at Beckmans Fashion Academy

Material has been given new life and a contemporary expression has been created in fashion students’ debut collections.  On November 28, the Fashion Program’s year 2 collections will be presented in a display at Beckman’s Design Academy. Experiment focus collections The collections have been developed in a course focusing on material experiments and various textile techniques.  – Experimenting with materials and textile techniques opens up new creative ideas and methods. It develops the artistic mind and creates the conditions for working unrestrained and open-minded with its own design language and expression, says Manush Mirzakhanjan, associate professor and course manager at the Fashion Program.  A common starting point is also the theme of Stages. The students have freely interpreted what stages are or can be and the collections touch on a broad spectrum of topics – everything from identity creation to the different stages of aging skin, to the radical transformation we have to do to meet the climate challenges of the future.

Participating students Britta Åsåker, Christina Leube, Erika Haglund, Filippa Agaton, Gabriella Danerlöv, Marte Stensrud, Mathilda Guve, Niklas Gustavsson, Ronja Berg, Sarah Niklasson, Siri Gertonsson and Yanis Dorey.  Art direction in the project by Astrid Askert, Erik Karlsson Malinen, Ivan Gedin and Lova Nyblom, students in the Visual Communication program.

Photographer: Magnus Sward

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