Copenhagen Fashion Week AW20 By Jonas Christensen

The Copenhagen Fashion Week AW20 is now stronger than ever!

Now pushing for a more sustainable future and demanding brands to change.

From January 2023 all brands applying for a show or presentation during Copenhagen Fashion Week must meet minimum sustainability requirements to participate in the official show schedule, as presented in the action plan’s 2023 Sustainability Requirements. Participants must comply with 17 minimum standards, such as pledging not to destroy unsold clothes, using at least 50% certified, organic, upcycled or recycled textiles in all collections, using only sustainable packaging and having zero-waste set designs for their shows.

This season we asked young fashionista Jonas Christensen to cover Copenhagen Fashion week AW20.

Photographer: Emma grann

How would you sum up this week? what caught your eye?

It’s been a successful week some amazing and exciting shows, sadly they didn’t surprise me. There wasn’t as much exciting looks and pieces as I wanted there to be. I never felt emotionally blown away.

On that note, there was one show in particular, Selam Fessahaye had me singing along to the music, the show energised me. I was in love with her clothes tailored innovativeness, the use of glitter and diverse models, who didn’t just walk like robots, but they put their own personal touch and soul into their walk.

Here are some favorite looks from Copenhagen fashion week AW20

What was your favorite part of CPH AW20?

My absolute favourite was the boldness from Carcel, having the opening show and using the opportunity to encourage change and action from the fashion industry… “walk with me” the short video said after it went through what impact the fashion industry had, and all of the audience, expecting to see a collection before them on the catwalk, were forced to take initiative and walk the catwalk themselves…

The message it sends out is a message the industry’s needed for a long time. Take initiative and change the industry… How do you say that? According to Carcel by having no models and not showing a new collection.

Was it something that you felt was missing or something you expected to see?

I missed the innovativeness, I missed being blown away. It felt a little too safe, a little too scandinavian, even though I absolutely adore scandinavian fashion for it’s simplicity and eye for detail, i just feel stuffed after a week like this.

I hope brands like Martin Asbjørn will come back and show some new and bold tailored fashion, enough with earth colours, I want to see the whole rain

How would you describe your own style?

Hmm… my own style, I feel like my own style is very mixed up and a huge mess. Whenever I am picking what to wear I look inwards, how do I feel today or how do I want to feel today? I might want to feel fierce so I will put something daring on, or I just feel like throwing on something casual like a baggy hoodie.

But one thing my style will forever have, no matter the mood, my scandinavian heritage. I always have that scandinavian minimalism in the clothes I wear.

Photographer: Emma grann

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