Illustrations of SS20 by Mandy Lau

Mandy Lau is a fashion and portrait illustrator based in Vancouver, Canada.

As a commercial illustrator, she creates fashion-focused illustrations for luxury and lifestyle companies and magazines.

She has worked with fashion brands including Salvatore Ferragamo, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel, amongst others, creating fashion illustrations and custom fine art for clients. Other commissioned projects include beauty product and portrait illustrations for Clinique; custom hand-painted pieces including jewelry boxes, fragrance and champagne bottles for luxury brands like Bvlgari, Links of London, and Ruinart.

Last year, she was approached by Fairmont Hotel Vancouver to create 11ft illustrations for their window displays, which included large-scale fashion figure cutouts, back wall murals, and vinyl decals adorning the hotel’s glass panes. Other large-scale illustration projects include visuals for a fashion-themed condo presentation centre in the fashion district of downtown Toronto, and a private amusement park-themed birthday venue with 16ft high walls covering 100ft.

She is open to working with brands, agencies, magazines, as well as creative individuals, on projects including (and not exclusively) editorial stories, environment visuals, campaigns, fashion lookbooks, and personalized hand-painted pieces.

Her fashion and product illustrations are created predominantly using graphite and ink. Various mediums and art processes – both traditional and digital – are used depending on the requirements of each illustration project.

For her creative development practice, she attends life drawing sessions regularly and enrols in drawing and painting courses with fine artists in the city. She continues to find herself being endlessly fascinated and inspired by the work of high fashion masters as well as the work generated from fashion graduates.

She is currently open to collaborations with others of like-minded interests on projects that will challenge her creatively, projects where she can also contribute her own artistic individuality, as well as, projects supporting positive initiatives.

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