Meet Louise Xin and her own sustainable Couture brand

Fighting against unhealthy beauty standards and unfairness within the industry, fighting for diversity, sustainability and encouraging young girls to dare to be themselves has always been a very big part of Louise Xins work. She sees her role in the industry as a change maker, someone who dares to say no and dares and encourages people to live without filters and be totally themselves. She is constantly searching for new talents to work with who have the same vision, and together build a better industry and send out a better message to society.

Photographer: David Lundin

What made you start your own brand?

I’ve always loved art in different forms since I was a little kid. My 
dream has always been to work with something creative.
Since I finished high school, my biggest passion and life goal has 
been fashion design. But it was not until late last year that I 
realized and decided that a Couture brand is what I wanted to create.
  I feel like I don’t want to make another mass manufactured brand.
The fashion Industry already has enough blood on their hands; 
therefore, I really want to take my responsibility in my role as a 
designer and make my impact as positive as can be, with a minimum 
environmental footprint, working with diversity and many other 
important subjects for creating a substantial brand.

What/Who inspires you?

I get a lot of my inspiration through traveling. Culture fascinates me.
Although my biggest inspiration is nature. And I think you can tell 
from my creations. The fire dress and the peacock dress are two 
obvious examples. Lately, I have also experimented a lot with flowers 
in my garments.

How does your creative process look like?

I know most designers start their process with fashion drawing and 
then go on to pick the fabric that fits their vision. But I often get 
my inspiration after seeing that perfect fabric and start to drape and 
shape the dress after that. Basically, the entire dress is handmade. 
After all, that’s what couture is all about! I make my own patterns, 
sew the base together and finish it up with hand cut details of 
leftover fabrics. Also, I often use pearls and details from old 
garments. Therefore, every dress is unique and most of the time I 
couldn’t recreate it even if I wanted to. It takes about 300 hours to 
make one dress. It usually takes me about one month, 8 – 10 hours 
every day, to finish a dress from start to finish.

Photographer: David Lundin

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