Works of Deepak Mehato

Mehato is a contemporary visual artist who lives and works in Delhi, India. He dynamically plays with different visual layers. His distinctive personal methods emanate curiosity, mysticism, inner realm and self-visualization. He excels in the use of color configuration and art transforming into different forms and dimensions. He explores the ultimate potentiality of different surfaces, tonal frames, mutedforms, relief forms and volume within a transparent layer. Mehato’s use of inorganic shapes and muted forms serve as references of human figurationas well as the world of technology. These forms conjugate in harmony often superimposed upon other layers to create an unpredictable illusion and transparent effect.

From a young age, he was an enthusiast about art, his chemistry background helps him to explore different materials and surfaces. In his art college, he explored his distinctive methods with the academic style. Recently, he participated in a group exhibition by stainless steel gallery, Delhi November 2019.

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